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How Do YOU Express Yourself?


At times, it is difficult for entrepreneurs and administrators to communicate effectively and efficiently manage the many aspects of their businesses and organizations.

Engaging communications play a crucial role in reaching the ideal audiences. What works for one business doesn't work for another. 

We offer communication solutions for real estate professionals, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. Graphic design, writing, and marketing expertise are the solutions.

Who Do YOU Think We Are?


My team and I provide on-time and on-strategy promotional content. As a marketing communications professional and an agent of inspiring change, insurance, and real estate, I carefully . . .

  • Assess the specific communication needs of clients
  • Identify communication strategies to best meet needs
  • Develop clear and effective communication(s)

When necessary, we use vendors to print client communications. Our team manages the delivery of your materials.

What's Your Favorite Channel?


Your favorite communication channel should be whatever your future clients or members like the most. So, if you're trying to reach these audiences, please know that...

  • "Baby Boomers" respond well to printed materials
  • "Millennials" focus heavily on digital communications.
  • "Generation X'ers" usually like a combination of both, print and digital messages

The good news is that we're equip to help you reach everyone. The packages below meet specific needs for diverse realtors, organizations, and businesses.

Clients of ReNEW By U

REAL ESTATE Professionals


In the real estate industry, the competition is fierce, so it's important to differentiate yourself. Your future clients need to know what makes you more qualified than other agents. They need to know that you're the specialist in his or her neighborhood. As a Weichert Agent, I have a Special Marketing Offer to my colleagues.

NON-PROFIT Organizations


Many non-profit or religious organizations seek to create new awareness that attracts new members, volunteers, and supporters for their causes. Good people are necessary to continually grow these organizations.



Entrepreneurs wear many "hats" to start and sustain their businesses. They want to (a) offer the best product or service; (b) maximize resources on budget; and (c) convey attractive brands and messages. 

Weichert Agents Only

Help Me to Help YOU!


As a Weichert Agent who lives and specializes in The Oranges of NJ, my business mission is to provide my social media followers fresh content about available properties in East Orange, Orange, South Orange, and West Orange NJ. I work out of the Clifton office.

My Special Marketing Offer


Occasionally, I'd like to include listings from other Weichert Agents in my social media campaign, which consists of posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These marketing opportunities are available for free to agents with property listings in The Oranges. The goal is to drive new traffic to your listings.

Feel free to review my social media pages. Then if you'd like to work together, contact me at or 973-951-3760.

Evidence of Expertise


ReNEW By U Packages I

REAL ESTATE Professionals

With professionalism and expertise as a NJ Realtor, I offer communication packages for real estate agents and brokers in New Jersey. Our mission is to position you as knowledgeable neighborhood specialists. ReNEW by U creates a solid, online presence; positions you as a credible resource; and connects you with prospects.

First, scroll down to consider the available packages.

Then, complete the below form to contact us.


SILVER Package (starts @ $240)

In this package, you'll receive...

- Facebook Business Page with 5 starter posts 

- Instagram Business Page with 5 starter posts

Plus, we'll add you to our business directory for free.

GOLD Package (starts @ $420)

In this package, you'll receive...

- Facebook Business Page with 5 starter posts 

- Instagram Business Page with 5 starter posts

- Five-Page Website

  1. Home page
  2. About page
  3. Services page
  4. Contact page
  5. [Bonus] Page

Plus, we'll add you to our business directory for free.

PLATINUM Package (starts @ $480)

In this package, you'll receive...

- Facebook Business Page with 5 starter posts

- Instagram Business Page with 5 starter posts

- Five-Page Website

  1. Home page
  2. About page
  3. Services page
  4. Contact page
  5. [Bonus] Page

- One-Page eNewsletter Template

Plus, we'll add you to our business directory for free.

Package Add-ons

If you don't have time to . . .

- Regularly post on social media

- Periodically update your website or eNewsletter

Our team can manage these tasks on your behalf.


NOTE: Specific pricing for packages vary by the estimated level of effort for each project.

ReNEW By U Packages II

NON-PROFIT Organizations

Weekly, we work with our community churches to propel the growth their ministries. Thus, the mission of our service is to increase your membership and activity participation. If your organization is in NJ, we'll visit your facility to fully assess it. If you're outside NJ, we'll make special arrangements for your assessments. 

ReNEW by U identifies growth opportunities; offers viable recommendations; and creates low-to-no cost resources and tools for organizational leaders and members.  Here's how you start:


STEP 1: Review and determine your package >

The BASIC Package ($) includes an in-person assessment:   

  • "​Getting 2 Know You" Form (non-branded template)
  • Guestbook with 20 Pens
  • Fundraiser Ideas Sheet
  • Organization Information Flier (branded template)
  • Social Media Tips Sheet
  • Ushers/Welcome Officers Tip Sheet
  • 50 "Thinking About You" Greeting Cards
  • One Welcome Sign & 50 Courtesy Cards (non-branded)  

The BASIC Package also includes a consultation call to address next steps.

The DELUXE Package ($$) includes an in-person assessment:

  • "Getting 2 Know You" Form (branded template)
  • Branded Guestbook with 20 Pens
  • Organization-Specific, Fundraiser Ideas Sheet
  • Organization Information Flier (branded template)
  • 50 "Thinking About You" Note Cards (branded)
  • Social Media Tips Sheet
  • Ushers/Welcome Officers Tips Sheet
  • One Welcome Sign & 50 Courtesy Cards​ (branded)
  • Exterior & Interior Facility Recommendations  

The DELUXE Package also includes an in-person, consultation meeting with senior leaders for in-depth discussion about next steps. 

The PREMIUM Package ($$$) includes an in-person assessment and branded:

  • 50 Printed "Getting 2 Know You" Form (branded)
  • Branded Guestbook with 50 Branded Pens
  • Organization-Specific, Fundraiser Ideas Sheet
  • 100 Printed, Organization Information Fliers (branded)
  • Printed Ushers/Welcome Officers Ideas Sheet
  • 100 "Thinking About You" Note Cards (branded)
  • Social Media Tips Sheet
  • One Welcome Sign & 100 Courtesy Cards (branded)
  • Exterior & Interior Facility Recommendations

The PREMIUM Package also includes an in-person consultation with Senior Leaders and Committee Leaders, to address next steps and questions. 

STEP 2: Scroll down to complete the form below >

This form provides the core information we need to assess your communication request.

STEP 3: Look Out for Our Welcome Email.

We'll contact you with all the information necessary to begin your project. 


NOTE: Specific pricing for communication packages vary by the estimated level of effort for each project and printing costs.

ReNEW By U Packages III


We've been a small business owner for 20+ years, so we know communication needs change with the time. Thus, you can build a custom, ReNEW by U package. Our mission is to get to know you and your business. By understanding your successes and improvement areas, we can help you select the ideal, communication strategies. ReNEW by U offers diverse choices and professional expertise. Initially, you must scroll down, to complete the form. 

Then, consider these success solutions:

Social Media Support


Our team can set up or revise your social media business pages. Plus, we can regularly create your social media posts.

Website Development


Our team designs easy-to-navigate websites for most business types. Afterwards, we either train you to maintain site updates or we can do updates for you.

eNewsletter Template


If you need an email newsletter that matches your brand and connects with your existing and prospective clients, we can handle it for you.

Business Cards


Business cards are your first and lasting impression to new clients or customers. Why not have professional card designed and printed by a professional designer? 

Postcard Fliers


Postcard fliers have a dual function -- 1) direct mailing piece and 2) promotional handout. Our team designs these fliers to educate, inform, or entertain your audiences.

Custom T-shirts


Custom t-shirts are great as a team uniform or a promotional item. Which purpose works best for your business? We accept orders for one or more t-shirts.

Example of Our Work


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