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ReNEWed University (RNU) teaches the practical lessons students won't likely learn in most business schools or universities. Our students are agents of property, protection, and positive change. We actively work in these industries, so our class content is effectively relevant. RNU offers enrichment courses with the goals of growth and performance improvement.

Upon finishing each course, students get a pass or fail grade. Students who pass also receive a certification of completion. 

Course Catalog

MARKET Thy Self - Part 1

Conceive, Believe, RECEIVE

Conceive, Believe, RECEIVE


You'll be be taught how to effectively...

Create an extra strength brand that makes you memorable by prospective clients

Market yourself without breaking the bank via...

  • Digital Tools - Emails, social media, and websites
  • Traditional Tools - Cards, direct mail, fliers, and premiums

This 2-hour, non-credit course meets in-person once a week for 4 weeks. You'll receive handouts, coaching, and projects. Course# STM123

  • Five students or more - $280  
    [$140 due week 1 & week 3] 

  • One-student tutoring - $320  
    [$160 due week 1 & week 3] 

Conceive, Believe, RECEIVE

Conceive, Believe, RECEIVE

Conceive, Believe, RECEIVE


Your success depends on how you think...your mindset. In class, we will...

  • Assess your thinking for success
  • Teach you concepts to make necessary adjustments
  • Inspire you through the process of change

  • Plant "seeds" for your growth

This non-credit course meets in-person for two hours weekly and once a week online for six weeks. You'll receive four issues of Stimuli Art: Paperback Magazine, coaching, plus assignments.  Course# TYC456

  • Five students or more - $420  
    [$140 due weeks 1, 3 & 5]

  • One-student tutoring - $480  
    [$160 due weeks 1, 3 & 5] 

MARKET Thy Self - Part 2

Conceive, Believe, RECEIVE

MARKET Thy Self - Part 2


In other schools, you learn how to get your credentials or how to persuade others. We teach you how to be an agent that...

  • Clients trust and work with comfortably
  • Peers collaborate with easily
  • Referrals naturally become your positive outcomes


This 4-week, non-credit course intends to fine-tune how you approach people in business. We meet for 1 hour in-person once a week. You'll receive handouts, role play examples, and homework. Course Code# STM456

  • Five students or more - $140 [$70 due week 1 & week 3]
  • One-student tutoring - $160 [$80 due week 1 & week 3]

Meet the Instructor

The main instructor for RNU courses is Pamela D.R. Smith. She is actively licensed in New Jersey as a Realtor and an Insurance Agent. Ms. Smith is also the Executive Director for historic NJ landmark. In addition, she has a Master of Arts degree for Adult Education and Training with diverse experience in corporate and non-profit environments.

FREE Course Electives

Blueprint 2 FREEdom

ReNEWed University imparts kindhearted knowledge about how money really works and offer students this financial awareness non-credit course for no cost. We’re passionate about sharing information, particularly when it can positively change lives. Here are the details . . .

  • WHAT? ​This course teaches how to make money work for the benefit of loved ones. The WORD says: “A good person leaves an inheritance to their children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous (Prov. 13:22).”
  • WHY? As an educator, my mission is to transform the thinking of my students. Why wouldn’t they want to leave a legacy (not debt) for their loved ones? And, why shouldn’t we live more confidently for the future?  Let me share knowledge.
  • HOW? In this course, I incorporate a message of hope and empowerment. Then, I educate students about putting their “financial houses” in order. By doing so, we can enhance contributions to the community.
  • WHEN? This course occurs in the afternoons (weekends).
  • WHERE? This seminar occurs at our facility. You can register at the form below. 

The Blueprint 2 FREEdom is an adult education resource available for financial freedom. This course meets once for up to two hours. All participants receive an informational book and a financial assessment. Course Code# F2B101 

  • Individual or Group - $0 (free)

P.S. This course is most effective when there is more than one student, so we encourage you to invite a friend or two. 


The WORD...Not Just HEARD

We happily present life lessons from a ecumenical, Christian perspective. Our weekly lessons make it easy for you to understand and apply it to your life.  This online experience is ideal for contemporary, Christian adults seeking a closer relationship with GOD and God’s People through creativity. Collaboratively, we’ll discuss our ideas to heighten our knowledge. Here’s what you’ll need to engage fully: 


  • The Holy Bible or a Bible app – You use your preferred Biblical translation. We typically use the New International Version (NIV) to ensure easy understanding.
  • A Computer or Tablet – It would be easiest to learn and interact using a computer or tablet. 
  • A Notebook – We find it useful to jot down ideas and key messages. We may also ask you to create art, scan or photograph it, and post it here.
  • A Camera – Some assignments will require you to take a photograph that represents a specific topic. Then, post it here.
  • An Open Mind and Soul – We can enjoy the learning process most if we’re flexible and passionate about learning the topic.

ReNEWed University provides a judgment-free, learning environment. Everything that we talk about is exclusively between GOD, students, and instructors. We’re about lifting up our LORD and HIS children, so we do not tolerate de-constructive behavior. Course Code# WJH101 

  • Individual or Group - $0 (free)

P.S. This course is most effective when there is more than one student, so we encourage you to invite a friend or two. 



The scheduled dates for each class depends on number of enrolled students. We require at least 5 students per class. Or, we can tutor you one-on-one. The enrollment form is below.

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We appreciate your interest in our courses. Please complete our form.

Course Alternatives


Stimuli Art: Paperback Mags

Stimuli Art: Paperback Mags


If you don't feel comfortable managing your own branding and marketing, no worries. We offer a graphic design and writing service that helps with the development and delivery of branded marketing materials. It can include...

  • Business Cards
  • Postcard Fliers
  • Social Media Support
  • Website Development

Our service is called ReNEW By U and it offers diverse choices and professional expertise at competitive pricing.

Stimuli Art: Paperback Mags

Stimuli Art: Paperback Mags

Stimuli Art: Paperback Mags


Stimuli Art is a quarterly paperback magazine by Pamela D.R. Smith. Its features:

  • Harmony With-Inn -- Rearrange your space to provide peace and harmony

  • Mind, Body & Spirit -- Learn how to connect these elements for abundant living and happiness

  • Shape for Life -- Find out how to re-direct your ​life with your thoughts

​​Stimuli Art offers practical information to help you celebrate and improve life with ​enriching experiences. 

Golden Key Cards

Stimuli Art: Paperback Mags

Golden Key Cards


Has your Mom or Grandma ever told you? "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

This statement may be your first etiquette lesson. Etiquette is "the set of rules or customs that control accepted behavior in particular social groups or social situations (Cambridge Dictionary)." In business, the best way to succeed is to confidently engage with clients and peers. 

We offer Golden Key Cards as ongoing reminders to agents. You can keep these cards in your room, your car, or your office.